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Will your ERC claim pass review?

With the IRS ramping up enforcement on ERC claims, now is an ideal time to determine the status of your refund. Let our team help you make the right decision for your business 

IRS announces that ERC audits and investigations will intensify.

As stated in IR-2024-78, the IRS is ramping up its enforcement on inaccurate or false ERC claims, leaving many businesses that worked with ERC promoters in jeopardy, and their CPAs with concerns about their liability.

If you have concerns about your ERC claim, or are a CPA looking to protect your clients,  the time to act is now. The IRS plans to send tens of thousands more disallowance letters and audit notices in the coming weeks.

An ERC claim could be considered fraudulent if a business:

  • Claimed all available quarters
  • Claimed max value of credit (26k per employee)
  • Provided no documentation of qualifying government mandates
  • Provided no numerical calculation of more than nominal impact to business
  • Failed to demonstrate a nexus between mandates and more than nominal impact

Our Services

Refund Recovery

Curious where your refund is? Leveraging our extensive experience, we know the optimal ways to work with the IRS. Our team will contact the Service for you and determine the status of your claim.

Remediation Services

Considering withdrawing your claim? With insights from our 5 former IRS commissioners, we’re equipped to facilitate a favorable resolution with the Service. If you’re unsure about the withdrawal program, we can guide you through it and help avoid potential penalties.

Audit Defense

Facing an audit or worried about the risk? Our team is ready to protect your ERC claim. With decades of experience in safeguarding businesses against IRS audits, we know precisely how to comply with the law for claims. Additionally, we can assist with resolving any issues from your previous provider, such as contracts and fees.

Documentation of More than Nominal Impact

Did your former ERC provider provide documentation linking your claim to government mandates, or show a significant (10%+) business impact? If you lack documentation or are unsure about these aspects, our team can reevaluate your case and accurately determine the benefit you’re entitled to.

Form 6612

Received a 6612 Letter? The IRS is issuing these to businesses with ERC claims post-moratorium last September, giving 30 days to respond or face claim disallowance. Our team can review your ERC study to substantiate your claim and identify any discrepancies from your previous provider, ensuring you effectively meet the response deadline.

Meet Our IRS Experts

Our team, composed of world class experts in tax and law, includes five Commissioners as well as other officials, who understand how the IRS approaches fraud and their plans to combat faulty claims.


Former IRS Commissioner of the Small Business/Self Employed Division; alliantgroup National Director


Former IRS Commissioner of the Small Business/Self Employed Division; alliantgroup National Director


Former IRS Commissioner of Small Business/Self-employed Division (SB/SE); alliantgroup Director of IRS Practice & Procedure


Former IRS Acting Commissioner; alliantgroup National Director of Tax


Former IRS Commissioner; alliantgroup Vice Chairman

Case Studies

See for yourself how we’ve been able to put businesses just like yours at ease with their ERC claims:

Unknowingly Claimed Through a Payroll Provider

Misled by a Fly-By-Night Provider into a 4x overclaim:

Our Mission

alliantNational assists CPAs and U.S. businesses alike in navigating difficult tax matters, offering both representation and support while working with IRS and state tax officials. With insights from our 5 former IRS Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners, our team understands the intent of the Employee Retention Credit and what the Service is looking for to substantiate claims.

We have assessed ERC eligibility for over 60,000 business, as well as assisted businesses who went with less reputable providers in rectifying their claims. With our team supporting yours, you can rest assured that you will receive what you are entitled to while following the letter of the law.