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Dhaval Jadav

alliantNational Global CEO / Executive Chairman

Dhaval Jadav, as CEO of alliantNational, spearheads this division dedicated to tax controversy services, offering expert guidance to CPAs and businesses navigating complex tax issues. alliantNational is renowned for resolving IRS disputes, further demonstrating Jadav’s commitment to aiding American businesses with tax challenges.

A staunch advocate for STEM education, Jadav has funneled resources into community initiatives, including a scholarship program benefiting high school students eyeing STEM careers. His efforts earned him a spot on the Board of Directors for NASA’s Space Center Houston and led to the creation of the Dhaval R. Jadav Learning Innovation Center.

Prior to founding alliantNational, Jadav advised high-tech firms in San Francisco, and held roles at Deloitte & Touche in Washington D.C., and the IRS in Houston.